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Adam: *blahh blahh blahh*
Me: babe, what're you talking about?
Adam: umm...i don't even know...
Adam: Oh yeah! The holy grail!
Adam & me: o.O What?!
Adam: i think i just fell asleep while i was talking...
me: ....jesus...
clearly, im funny as shit lol
The most important person in my life. 
Despite the hard times, you make me happier than anyone else can.
lol aww thats the cutest thing evarr
aww brother and sister bonding time
Coolest couple out there.
Luray caverns!
This is something adam would do lol


First off i should have addressed this DEAR YOU just to mess with you, haha but anyway as I was home waiting for you and then as I watched you sleep I realized something baby like i love you, you are me=D Your everything i need everything i want your perfect for me. From your pretty feet up to your crinkled hair. You are my love, and i’m absolutely taken with you. I think about you 25/8 haha and despite the conflicts surprisingly you love me too:) And when i think about that it makes me REALLY happy to know that… Hold on you woke up……………………………..*hum* (huh??) *hums* (aww) *hums again* (i miss you) *nods off* hahaha anyway.. oh yeah to know that i have someone who will always listen to me someone who is always there for me to talk to for any reason. Life is a journey and it makes me feel like im not alone on this long road this path or quest if you will:) It makes me feel never lonely, needy but lonely. hold on again……….  *Look of discontent and confusion* (BLows kiss) *gets comfortable* *nods of again* But yeah babe as long as i never lose you ill be just fine:) And i trust that i wont but sometimes its a bit scary being as dumb as me… you  woke up again *conversation* but anyway ummm your up now but ima keep writing i realized today no matter how much either of us try we cant prevent arguements maybe if we focused only on that but its highly unlikely to prevent arguements, but as long as we try and communicate anything is possible unless we just arent compatible which is like come on now… Like you are the cutest thing in the WORLD in the UNIVERSE in the history of EXISTENCE…. So i love you baby more than i love myself and dance put together and i’ll keep trying to prove that and everyday ill try to be good so your always happy i love you Jazmine MAtina Acevero-Dula My BEST PRENDS ^_^

Aww best prends :) I love you <3